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In the spring, I had the opportunity to attend Nia White Belt training. One of the things we were talking about was the innocence and playfulness of children; full of life, carefree, with contagious laughter. During this training, a Facebook video was shared of a child squealing in delight as his Dad blew on a dandelion. Over and over, the excitement grew in this child as Dad just blew away. As adults, we were laughing with this child. Something simple created so much joy. For some adults, we think of those dandelions as pesky little weeds that overtake our yards in mammoth  proportions. Yet for others, dandelions are a form of healing. It comes down to perspective.

As we broke for lunch, I walked outside and what did I see? A lawn covered in dandelions. What was I going to do? I patiently waited as our dear instructor Winalee walked towards the building from her break. I stood there with an offering to her. As she approached, I handed her one of these dandelions and I took the other. Without words, we blew like there was no tomorrow. And we laughed...and laughed more. We remembered in the moment that we were full of life, carefree, and contagious with laughter.

Thank you Winalee for the lesson. It was needed and remembered so clearly by me. I wish for you to take a moment too and remember those simple moments. It really is about our personal perspective and our reaction to simple things.


What is a Soul Burst?

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A feeling that makes you giddy. Something that makes you smile. A thought that provokes deeper thinking within. An "ah ha" moment.

Sunflowers are something that makes my soul burst and a main inspiration to me. On the main sidebar, I use quotes as thoughtful Soul Bursts. On Instagram I use # Soulburst. These are pieces of the community that you can visit and revisit as you are looking for some encouragement. I invite you to take a few minutes a week and allow the Soul Bursts on the main page enlighten you. I invite you to follow me on Instagram and to use #Soulburst on your own pictures to show me what makes your soul sing.

A main component of my mission is to help each other discover, empower, and ignite. Soul Bursting is a great way to share!